Learn Spanish online, then join us in Seacacar when the world recovers.


Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes

Friendly, patient and skilled teachers 

Flexible hours to meet your needs

Affordable at $10 per hour

All profits support our mission 

Classes via WhatsApp, Messenger or Zoom

Payments to Guatemala via Western Union

Instructions on Western Union ap:


Guatemala trilingual contact and teacher : Roland

Program admistration and teachers: Emanuel and Ingrid 


UUS Contact: Paul Heesaker

Questions & Answers

What is the benefit of taking classes with the Rios Fund, Guatemala?

     Not only will you learn or become more proficient in the Spanish language, you will help change lives and protect the natural world. 100 percent of profits are devoted to our mission, primarily by funding educational opportunity. 

How do I register for classes? 

     We are in the process of creating online registration via our Guatemala office and their website. For the time being, notify project founder Paul Heesaker via email. Provide your name, age, phone contact and Spanish level (beginner, intermediate or advanced). Please also provide your learning goals, the best times and days for you to schedule classes and how many weeks or months you anticipate studying. Paul will follow up with an email or phone call. paulheesaker@yahoo.com


What are the options when I decide to go ahead and sign up?

     We offer an introductory one month study package that includes 10 hours of individualized instruction for $100. You may also choose to complete the introductory study package in less time. There will be an opportunity to meet  and speak with your teacher before you make the purchase. 

What other Spanish study options are available?

     We also do Adventure Trips and have Spanish lessons onsite at our riverside lodge. Once the travel restrictions related to the Covid-19 Pandemic are lifted, we will be open for visitors again. 

How and when do I pay for classes?

     Payments are made via money transfers with Western Union. You pay once a month, right after you meet your teacher. Your teacher will email additional instructions regarding the particular name to use when sending your payment. You can add the Western Union application to your cell phone or pay directly via the Western Union website at: https://www.westernunion.com/us/en/mobile-app.html