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       Centro Turistico & Reserva Cañón Seacacar

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The solar powered Centro Turistico provides visitors and volunteers with a comfortable sanctuary in an inspirational natural setting. Our lodge sits at the entrance to Guatemala's newest protected area, the Seacacar Cañón Natural Reserve. Visitors enjoy spacious rooms, furnished common areas, a riverside restaurant, stunning views and immediate access to hiking trails, natural swimming pools and a traditional Q'eqchí Maya village. Most important, visitors help fund efforts to end extreme poverty and protect the Rio Sauce watershed. All proceeds go to Seacacar's Q'eqchi Mayan people. 


Lodging choices and approximate pricing are as follows: male and female dormitories ($10 bunk / Q75), double room with shared bath ($35 / Q250), single room with shared bath ($28 / Q200), double room with private bath ($42 / Q300), and single room with private bath ($36 /250). Extra persons in any room are $10 (Q75).  Keep in mind that we are completely off the grid and solar generated hot water is not available in all rooms. Our rooms with private bathrooms are in construction and will be ready by October 2017. 


We don't have internet service in the Seacacar, so you may have to wait a day to receive a reply on reservations. Please send an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

We serve delicious, nutritious and affordable meals. Breakfasts may include eggs, sliced avocados or tomatoes, black beans, fresh fruit and tortillas ($5). Simpler breakfasts of oatmeal, granola or pancakes and a bowl of fresh fruit are also available ($4). Coffee or tea is included with breakfast.  Lunches and dinners ($5 - $7) may include soups, salads, curries, pasta, steamed vegetables, chicken, fajitas, tostadas, burritos and rice & beans. Drinks are available for purchase and include natural fruit drinks, sodas and beer ($2). Filtered spring water is free. 

Reserva Natural Cañón Seacacar


The Seacacar Cañón Natural Reserve - a remarkable achievement! The Q'eqchi Maya worked with us to create Guatemala's newest protected nature reserve along the Rio Sauce and in the Sierra Santa Cruz.  Our lodge sits at the entrance to one of the protected areas. Visitors enjoy stunning views of the river gorge and mountains and immediate access to a traditional Q'eqchí Maya village. A world-class trail provides access to beaches, natural swimming pools, wildlife habitat, a ceremonial cave and an inner tube float between towering jungle walls. Future plans include extending the trail network, expanding the protected area, extensive reforestation, sustainable agriculture and a species reintroduction program that includes exotic birds, iguanas and other wildlife.

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